Environmental education

(School year 2006-07)



1. Environmental education program - water = life 4th 1 class










During the school year 4th1 class with their schoolteacher Mrs Giannakoyla Katerina completed an Environmental Education Program in collaboration with the Environmental Education Office of W. Thessaloniki and Mr Vellidi Nikolao, on the subject:

Water = Life



2. Environmental Activity and recreation program in Panagitsa in Edessa






The students of the 6th grade with their schoolteachers Mr. Filippidi Antonios and Mr. Zoi Apostle participated in an environmental education program in Panagitsa in Edessa, titled: “ACQUAINTANCE WITH the NATURE”

The program combined environmental education, outdoors activities and recreation, in the rich natural environment of Bora Mountain (altitude 1100m). They were informed about the way of operation of hydroelectric units of current production. Afterwards they visited the artificial ski course and participated in many outdoor activities, such as: ropeway crossing the lake, climbing, archery, canoeing in the lake, hiking in the forest, learning orientation and playing games with the compass in the forest.



3. Κ.P.Ε. Eleftheriou-Kordeliou – program « Water, Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow»


Classes 2nd1 (schoolteacher Mrs Kosta Banna), and 2nd 2 (schoolteacher Mrs Eystathiadoy Anna) and 4th 1 (schoolteacher Mrs Giannakoyla Katerina), visited on different days the KPE Eleytherioy-Kordelioy and watched the Program of Environmental Education:“The water yesterday, today, tomorrow”.The attendance of this program was very pleasant for the students. They had the chance to express themselves in writing, orally, to play and to discuss the particular subject of water, which is related to their everyday life and is connected with many of their experiences.

4. Universal Day for the Environment - 5 June 2007 – Y. Ma.Th. Festivities







For a 4th year, the Environmental Education Office of W. Thessaloniki collaborated with the Ministry of Macedonia  - Thrace, for the announcement of programs on Environmental Education. Our school participated with the class 1st 2 and their schoolteacher Mrs Kefalidoy Artemisia. They spend the day talking about the environment and its protection. The subject “Environment” was approached in a multiple way, through language, the Study of the Environment and Art. The result of this project was the writing of messages about the environment framed by various art crafts, like drawings and games. On the day of visit at the Ministry of Macedonia Thrace, the class presented their work.




5. School Network Festival for Litter Management and Recycling






The lowering of volume and the right management of litter, so that we can decrease the repercussions in the urban and natural environment, are from the leading questions that occupy the local societies, particularly the `under development countries'.

Our school participates in the National Network of Environmental Education: “Management of litter - Recycling”.

There was an event on 30 May 2007 in the 1st Municipal School With the support of the Municipality of Eleytherioy - Kordelioy and the collaboration of the 1st Primary school.


In the first part the students:

a) presented - in dashes and in benches – their work, drawings, photographs, texts, art crafts etc. and

b) presented sketches, poems, texts, songs on platform with microphones, an installation that was set up for the needs of the event.

In the second part the children, were divided into teams and participated in laboratory experiments.

In this beautiful event our school was also there. The 1st class (schoolteacher Mrs Kyriakidoy Royla) and 3rd 1 class (schoolteacher Mrs Keskilidoy Machi).

The children presented two very beautiful small theatrical plays:

“The forest”, by 1st1 class and “Paper is recycled”, by 3rd 1.

Also they sang the song “The Solar Bus”





6. Visiting the Installation of Sewages Treatment «ΑΙΝΕΙΑ» of EYATH. AE.








On the universal Day for the Environment 4th 1 class with their schoolteacher, Mrs Giannakoyla Katerina visited the Installation of Sewages Treatment, AINEIA, in Michaniona.




7. Pisoderi ski resort – Making contact with the sport of skiing



The children of the 6th grade in collaboration with the municipality of Eleytherioy-Kordelioy participated in an educational program of learning ski and recreation in the Ski Centre Pisoderioy in Florina.

It was a unique experience for our children, because it was their first contact with the sport of skiing.




8. Leykochori in Serres – making contact with horses





Τα παιδιά της Ε΄τάξης πήγαν στο Λευκοχώρι Σερρών όπου επισκέφτηκαν τον όμιλο ιππασίας, ήρθαν σε επαφή με τη φύση, είδαν από κοντά κατοικίδια ζώα κι έκαναν ιππασία


9. Κ.P.Ε. Eleftheriou-Kordeliou – The Environment and mobile phones





In collaboration with the K.P.E. of Eleytherioy-Kordelioy, the 6th 2 grade and their schoolteacher of Mr. Zoi Apostle dealt with the subject “the environment and the use of mobile telephones”

In a very beautiful event on Monday 11 June in the K.P.E. and in the central square of Kordelioy with other municipal schools, our students with various papier cole posters made by them informed the passerbies on the harmful effect of the use of mobile telephone on our health and the bodily growth of people and particularly on the children. They proposed Hands free appliances and the use of SMS. Also the children presented various theatrical plays on the subject of mobile telephones.



10. Preserving water: a completed environmental program of the Network Mediterranean SOS




From May 2005 the Network MEDITERRANEAN SOS materializes the program “Saving water: A completed environmental program for schools of N. A. Europe” with the support of Social Contribution Fund of TOYOTA Motor Europe and TOYOTA Greece, and the collaboration of Primary Education, educational and special scientists.

During the school year 2006 - 2007 the program was also active in our school by the students of 4th grade.

The program included briefing and sensitization of students as much as application and demonstration of soft techniques and actions of saving water.

The children participated voluntarily trying to prove that with simple ways and with responsible behavior we can decrease the water waste, something that has been achieved in other countries.

They learned that each one can become a responsible citizen, become the example for his schoolmates but also a “teacher” for the older so that we protect water, this precious good. They can be the example in their own house and school, acting in a way the limit the waste and protect water.