(school year 2006-07)


1.     Program of Education of Health - Mental Health - Interpersonal relations - A class


 At the duration of the school year the classes of the 1st grade of our school with Mrs Kyriakidoy Royla and Kefalidoy Artemi, materialised the Program of Health Education in collaboration with the Health Education Office of Western Thessaloniki and dealt with the thematic unit “Mental Health - Interpersonal relations” for the recognition and management of sentiments.

Emphasis was given to the exploration of the image that the children have of themselves but also for the others, to their self esteem and to communication and collaboration.

The children enthusiastically accepted the program.

They functioned as team covering each others weaknesses. They cooperated but also took initiative.





2.  Program of Education of Health - B 2 class

Food: which nourish us and which destroy us?




At the duration of school year department B 2 with their schoolteacher Mrs Eystathiadoy Anna, materialised a Health Education Program in collaboration with the Office of Education of Health and dealt with the subject:

“Food: which nourish us and which destroy us” The subject was decided by the students themselves, moved by the interest to learn more about the types of food that are harmful or harmless.

The enthusiastically students participated especially in its creative and recreational part. The syntax of the teams helped in the collaboration and the distribution of work. At the duration of the program they found plenty of faults in their diet, especially in the omission of breakfast and in the choice of snack food. They parents’ assistance is also mentionable.

The program’s goal that was reached was that the students came in contact with the right diet and our estimate is that the knowledge that they acquired them that will influence positively, immediately and indirectly their future.

Some voluntary visits of a nutritionist and a doctor helped a lot.




3. Program of Education of Health – 3rd 1 class

 Mental Health - Promotion of Confidence and Collaboration in the Team


In the duration of the school year 3rd 1 class with Mrs Keskilidoy Machi materialised a Health Education Program in collaboration with Health Education Office and they dealt with the thematic unit “Mental Health Promotion of Confidence and Collaboration in the Team”.


A trip to the land of 3rd 1 class


Once upon a time there was a country that was called 3rd 1.

Its residents were 26: twelve girls, thirteen boys and Mrs Machi. On of their dreams was to live happily as a family, where respect, love and smiles. They all agreed to make their dream come true.

Thus, the first thing they thought was to make their country more beautiful. They put an enormous carpet, where they would make their team work exercises, theatrical games and improvisation exercises, activities of sentimental intelligence, as well as artistic creations. Around the carpet they made a small beautiful forest, with big trees and a lot of flowers. Afterwards, they beautifully hung colourful cushions, plants, small and big, teddy bears and toys. They decorated their country and the smiles bloomed in faces their each day from the beauty that they saw around them!

One of their favourite activities was relaxation and the mental travels with the help of musical CD from the cinematographic film “Chocolat”. Their mind and soul filled with notes and beautiful pictures. But they also had other activities, where they learned how to cooperate, respect each other, be interested in their “family”, trust each other and express their feelings, have self respect, solve their arguments in a calm and fair basis, apologize when necessary, say “Thank you” and “You are welcome” and many more.

The country of 3rd 1 succeeded in having three precious elements that made them unique in heart and mind.

These were, love, respect and smile!!!






4. First Aid Program


The students of the 6th class had the chance to attend a specialised nurse of the Red Cross a First Aid program.

The Greek Red Cross in Thessaloniki in the frames of Health Education Service informs the public in subjects that aim in the prevention of illness and the promotion of health.

The program was completed in three lessons and had the sensitization of young people in simple things that can save lives as an objective.


5. Doctors without borders

The children worked with the schoolteacher of information technology on all-day school a program of the Doctors without borders.

Games and Reality was the title of the informative expedition and the educational program of the Doctors without Borders that aimed at the sensitization of the students on the problems that thousands children in our planet who live in conditions of poverty, war and illness face.

In order to approach the students more the Doctors without borders chose a new way of presentation, CD-Rom, in order to make the briefing more interesting and in a more educational way.

It was a program that the children were grateful for.

6. The Damaging consequences of smoking -31 May - Day against smoking






The students of the 6th class of our school, with their schoolteachers Mr. Filippidi Antonios and Zoi Apostle and the schoolteacher of the rye class Mr. Mayromati Gabriil on 31 May and in the frames of World Day against Smoking, - wearing T-shirts with anti-smoking messages – along with members of the association of cancer disease of Macedonia-Thrace organised and participated in an anti-smoking event in Aristotelous St. square in Thessaloniki, stressing the damaging consequences of smoking and handing out booklets to pedestrians.





7. Traffic Education



The children of the 5th grade participated in a program about road safety and traffic education


Tour with the students in the streets of our region in order to learn the signals and the “traps” that many times the streets hide.

We worked with the students in teams on the exercise book that was supplied to us by “RENAULT]”.

Saw the DVD “The Adventures Of Wous” as well as the DVD from the teacher seminar titled: “I Learn To Walk Responsibly In The Street– The Street And I” having as the main speaker the racing driver Mr. Iaberi. Discussion with the students followed on their reflections and questions that arouse after completion the program.