(school year 2006-07)






The students of the 5th grade along with their teachers, Mr. Paraschos Athanasios and Mr. Samelis Christos, visited Galeriouspalace at Navarinou square as part of the archaeological educational program. 

At first, they were given some general information about the site: the complex was about 150.000sqm, from Rotonda to the sea and from the east wall to the area between Navarinou square and Saint Sofia. The research was held during the '50s and the '60s and brought in light the south-eastern part of the palace, identified with the saved antiquities in the Nayarinoy current square. The long-lasting program of documentation and research of the monument followed the work of re-establishment and appointment of the whole monument that began in 1994.

The children walked in the palace of Galerioy, learned about the harbour of that season, for the hippodrome that was next to the palaces, for the arch of Galerios, which was built in honor of his victories, about the customs of that time and about the history of this region in general.

They made mosaics, an art craft of those times and learned about the way of life of the people and their relationship with the emperors and the rich people.

It was a rich in impressions program and at the same time very instructive enough for the students.








2. Vafopoulio Cultural Centre – Meeting the book and Aesop








In March the students and the teachers of the 1st grade visited Vafopoyleio Cultural Centre as part of the program “Meeting the book and Aesop”. In the frame of this visit Mr. Fotopoyloy A., a library scientist, educator and writer, presented the program “Meeting the book and Aesop” to the children.

The children learned the history and the development of books from ancient times until today, through slides and other visual material. They read some books of the collection, were informed about the organization and the operation of a library and later heard a narration from the Fables of Aesop with parallel projection slides. Afterwards the children participated in the dramatization of Aesop’s stories.

It was worthy visit I which the students had fun while at the same time showed a great interest in the books of the collection. Most importantly from this visit on the children expressed a wish for the enrichment of the libraries in both classrooms.


3. Vafopoulio Cultural CentreKatia with the fairy tales







The students of the 2nd grade visited Vafopoulio Cultural Centre.

The visit was in two parts. In the first part the students went to the children’s library were they had a discussion with the librarian about their favourite fairy tales, they learned how a public library works and read some of their favouurite books. In the second part they heard Mrs. Katerina Terzopoulou narrating a fairy tale from her own collection, called “Katia with her fairy tales.” Finally, they performed the fairy tale.



4. Vafopoulio Cultural Centrenutcracker






In March, two classes of the 3rd grade visited Vafopoulio Cultural Centre as part of the children festivities of the Centre.

Mrs. Maria Kavalioti, the theatre teacher-director-stage designer, presented Hoffmann’s play.

«Nutcracker» with Tchaikovsky’s music. The students were entered into the world of classical music, combining fairy tales to music and theatre. Then they played some musical-theatrical games and they performed some of the play’s scenes.