Further activities and visits

(school year 2006-07)


1.     Children Book Universal Day




On the specific day, all the classes dedicated an hour on the children books. They read the memo that was sent to them by the World Organization of Children Book.

Also, it should be mentioned that the students started talking about the history of the paper and the pencil, both of which are tools in the classroom and the students were happy to learn more about them.

Then, they saw the disc of Festos, the first written memorandum in Europe on a photocopy and they discussed about it. They continued with a discussion on Hans Christian Andersen who we honour on the specific day and read some of his fairy tales. They talked about the school library and how some of the chasses had created their own. Also, the parent – teacher association offered a book as a present to each one of the students.






2. Magic Park




The whole school went on a field trip to the biggest theme park in Greece, which is in Thessaloniki, known as Magic Park . It is on the 12th km. Thessaloniki-Airport (behind the Diavalkaniko Centre)

In 65 sqm full of rides, young and older people are transferred into a magical, adventurous and dreamy world.



2.     Municipal Library of Eleytheria-Kordelio








Just a few days before the Christmas holidays, both classes of the 3rd grade visited the library of our municipality in the framework of the library’s and the KAPI festivities.

The children had the chance to enjoy themselves by listening to Christmas songs and talking to the elderly.

Then, the children sat in circles on a huge carpet and an elderly lady wonderfully narrated a Christmas tale.

Finally, the students made Christmas cards and other crafts with the assistance of a librarian and received presents.




5. Children’s universal day




















On 11 December all students with their teachers dedicated an hour to the special day and discussed the relevant article written on the school’s newspaper by the students themselves. On the same day the parent-teacher association offered each student a present.