(school year 2006-07)








All the students watched a very beautiful theatrical representation at ARISTOTELION

The New theatre in Thessaloniki presented with his Children's scene the work fairy tales in the mixer directed by Konstantinos Rigos. Cinderella, Little Red Hood, Snow-white and the Seven Dwarfs, Prince Frog, The Beauty and the Beast, The Princess and the Pea are the fairy tales that caused the activation of the joy and imagination. This time our beloved heroes that were bored narrating the same tales undertook the responsibility of intervening and changing the plot of their stories.



2. WATCHING Till the end of the dream. . .



As a school we visited cinema-theatre RADIO CITY. The juvenile theatrical team, Avanti presented the work of Kelly Stamoylaki Till the end of the dream., (by Ektora Malos novel With Family) It is the story of young Stone, who with unique baggages his brave soul and an innocent heart begins a travel full of obstacles and predicaments, maintaining however the optimism and his faith, and finally finds friendship and love. A work that taught us that if you believe in good you will find it.





3. School Theatrical Scene Chorus


In the theatrical scene of our school our children performed several small shows this year on 28 October, the day of celebration of Politechnion, Christmas, the World Day of Children's of Book and 25 March. The chorus of our school, which was created with love by the musician of our school Mrs Ntrigkogia Panagiota, was constituted by 35 students of the 4th and 6th grade, participated in all these shows.




4. Junior dancing groups festival, Municipality of Sykies





In this festival in which 185 groups participated, our schools dancing team consisting of 30 students of the 3th, 4th, 5th and 6th grade took happily part as well. It should also be mentioned that the parents and guardians; help was great. A big thank you to our parents. Mr.s Bademi Maria directed our team.




5. Junior dancing groups festival, Municipality of Evosmos






Primary schools, Junior Highcschools and Highschools

of Thessaloniki

Our schools dancing team also took part in the 12th festival of children's dancing groups of Primary schools, junior High schools and High schools of Thessaloniki that are organized each year by the Association of Graduates of Faculties of Physical Education with a specialty in traditional dances of Northern Greece. In this festival, our schools dancing team took happily part with a group of 32 students of the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th and 6th grade, with dances from Ipiros and Thrace.

The dance schoolteacher Mrs Mpademi Maria was leading the group.



6. Our Choirs participation in several activities




Our schools choir, which was created three years ago by our school musician Mrs Ntrigkogia Panagiota, is constituted of 35 students of the 4th, 5th and 6th grade, and has participated in various events and activities this year.

1 In the frame of the Money Show Multiconference that took place in the Thessaloniki, at Hyatt Hotel on 10 December 2006 with subjects: The travel of New Greek into the world and Greek as an education of frail groups tool, that was organized by the Special Secretariat PODE of YPEPTH, our chorus had undertaken the musical part of event.

2. Through our web page and our multicultural newspaper, the rich activities of our school become known. Thus certain television stations wanted us to make an appearance with all these activities and the harmonious coexistence of children from different countries in the school.

MEGA: On Christmas Eve in the live recreational airing of A Lot on Sunday.

3: Thursday 8 February in the mid day Central News Bulletin in a 15minute live connection

EUROPE 1: Monday 4 April in the on channel EUROPE 1 The power of language.

In all these airings our schools chorus participated, singing songs from different countries.



7. Perfectoral track race, volleyball and football matches of Western Thessaloniki Schools



The schools track team took part (with 10 children) in the prefectoral track race of primary schools of Western Thessaloniki, at EAK Ampelokipon. Our participation was very good. Also the girls volleyball team managed to the finals of their group, where after an exciting game lost to the Gefirass schools team.

The boys football managed to almost the semi final.

They lost in her third game after a tie at the penalties.

A big well done to our physical education teacher Mrs Chaliamalia Baia, who leaded our teams






8. Municipalitys Cultural Month We Pass Though the School Door
















In the frames of the cultural month of the municipality and the festivities called: We pass though the school door, the students prepared and presented the show: The past and the present through dance, a student show of the traditional dancing team and the students of all-day school while being escorted by a live orchestra

We should thank the physical education teacher of the Kallipateira program, Mrs Bodeniotoy Chrysopigi, who prepared the modern part show and the physical education teacher of traditional dances, Mrs Mpademi Maria, who set up the traditional dancing part.