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There is place for all, there are dreams for all


Multicultural education concerns everyone - We respect and accept distinctiveness; we find the things that connect us - We respect and accept the uniqueness of every child - The diversity: is a supply, not an impediment - All different, all equal - There is a place for all, there are dreams for all




 E-mail: mail@6dim-diap-elefth.thess.sch.gr

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Our Publications

Children write and drow for children "Poetry" (2004)

Children write and drow for children "customs, feasts, local history, monuments" (2005)

Children write and drow for children "Fairy tales, fantasy stories and trips" (2006)

Dreamland "Our Book" (2007)

Dreamland "Game with cards" (2007)

We learn for the 'Olympic Games', playing "Game with cards" (2008)

World Flavors "Our Book" (2009)

The water of life "Our Book in greek-german" (2010)


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European Lifelong Learning Programme

Comenius Multilateral Partnership of Schools

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Immigrantís Guide in Greece